Dear Editor,

My husband, Leonard McDonald, grew up in Grantsville and is currently serving in Iraq right now. This will be his first Christmas away from his son who is 3 years old. Our first Christmas together we flew to Japan to celebrate with him. Our son received an email from his Daddy this morning about Christmas. Well since his whole family is there along with friends he's had for years I thought maybe the letter could be shared with everyone:

Merry Christmas Ethan,

Tonight Santa is going to put presents under the tree! Make sure you set some milk and cookies on the fireplace so he has something to eat after he drops off your presents.

Tomorrow morning I want you to send me an email telling me everything you got from Santa. Santa is coming to see me tonight while I am asleep, did you know that? He is bringing me something different than he is bringing you.

He is going to bring me memories of you. While I am asleep he is going to give me dreams showing me what a good and special boy you have been while I have been over here. Tomorrow I want you to know that that is one day closer to me being home.

Stay strong, you deserve this Christmas. While you enjoy the holiday I want you to do two things, tell mommy how special she is to you, and think about the people all over the world especially the ones less fortunate than you. Tomorrow is Jesus's birthday that is part of what Christmas is all about.

The other parts are the spirit of giving, so don't forget to give mommy a kiss and that family is the best thing you could have. Ethan we will always be there for you in some form or fashion. Merry Christmas baby boy.



Leonard and Staci McDonald
114 E. Saltwood Place
Jacksonville, NC 28540

leonardnstaci@yahoo.com. Thanks for taking the time to at least read this!