Siers family appreciates hospitality


Dear Editor,

To the folks of Calhoun County, especially the Minnora area.

I recently had the pleasure to visit your beautiful area after putting it off for 20 some years.

My father Ezra Lee Siers was born and raised on Sears Run Rd. I went there specifically to obtain pictures from the Baily-Siers cemetery since four generations of my ancestors are buried there, which brings up my hospitality point.

Once we located the cemetery on the old Pete Siers farm, we had to cross private property to get to it.

The owners gave us us as much help as possible, and said to come any time we pleased. They showed us the best way to go up to the cemetery, and all in all were just super kind.

So to those who live in the log cabin on the old Pete Siers farm my thanks once again, and excuse me for not obtaining your names so I could extend a formal thank you.

I shall always remember the hospitality and politeness shown by the residents in the area.

By the way my lineage is John A, Elijah M, John Allen and Ezra Lee.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone in the area who has any history on the cemetery or family.

James A Siers
2196 Congress Lk Rd.
Mogadore, OH