"Thanks" to all my friends in Calhoun County


As the hurricane season starts to wind down here in Florida, I am thankful I still have a home.

We encountered damage from Charlie and now Wilma. It is cleaned up and we are ready to move on. My prayers go out to the many people still homeless and missing from Katrina.

I evacuate each time to my home in Calhoun. I sit glued to the weather channel and wait to see if I will be able to go back to my home or will it be destroyed. The support of so many people calling and checking in and sending their prayers for me and my family is beyond anything I have ever encountered.

I am so proud to be from Calhoun and so happy that the people in Calhoun County are so kind and generous. They do take care of their own. This is the way life has always been in Calhoun as far back as I can remember. "Almost Heaven" rings out from every mountain especially in Calhoun.

A special thanks go out to the many people who have helped me through this crisis. Enon Baptist Church, Mildred Sturms, Rhonda Price, Jim and Faye Hicks, Tina Aldridge, Carol Harris, Saundra, Anthony, Kristin and Carl Ballengee, Bill Jones, and Ray Evans. I am sure there are many more and I thank you. This is truly a "Thanksgiving Day."

Jean Shock Cromley (Fort Myers, Florida)