Red Devils Team Deserves Credit


Dear "Hooners,"

I would like to publicly congratulate the 2005 Calhoun County football team for their great 8-2 regular season, a season that is continuing into the playoffs for the first time in 22 years, from what I understand.

As the team physician for the past 2 years, I have had the privilege of helping nurse the team back to health from time to time, and it has been a lot of fun. I would like to personally thank the coaching staff and the young men on this team for this privilege.

But the real reason for my letter is to say that this team deserves all the credit it can get for their character and effort beyond the wins and losses. As the former director of sports medicine at Health South and sideline team physician somewhere for 5 years now, I have been associated with a lot of teams, including the 2003 Parkersburg South state champion team.

However, even as good as some of those teams were, this team has as much or more "heart" than any team with which I have ever been associated. You should be proud of their efforts. Friday night's loss against St. Mary's should have reinforced this.

Even though the sidelines last Friday looked more like a MASH unit then a football team, the team fought through adversity and almost pulled out a victory over St. Mary's, one of the best football teams in the state.

Although confidentiality prohibits me from mentioning names or specifics, there were at least 6 starters that missed time in that football game. For a team that has nearly everyone going "both ways," one could say this leads to the loss of 12 of 22 starters at one time or another. To continue to compete when facing such adversity really says a lot about the heart of this team, and the ability of this coaching staff.

I was proud to be associated with this team on Friday night, win or lose. In fact, if we weren't completely devastated with injuries on Friday, I have no doubt we would be celebrating a 9-1 Calhoun County team and two home playoff games. I am sure you realize this as well, and I hope you help support them this weekend as if it was a "home" game. They deserve it!

C. Don Smith, MD
Calhoun Co. Team Physician
Minnie Hamilton ER Physician