"I Got My Wish" - Calhoun Fan Will See Game In Elkins


Dear Editor,

Sometimes a person really gets, just what they wish for.

Football this fall was a major happening in our home. I attended my first WVU football game and it was against Louisville, and we actually weren't one of those, who left early. Seeing our two grandsons, watch their first college game in person, was a joy.

As Pro football fans in Calhoun, that knew our family, know, our children were raised rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of their Dads wishes was to take them to see the Steelers in person. Although he wasn't there, that wish happened recently. Brent and Rhonda were there, for Monday night football, watching the Steelers vs the Ravens.

I have wished so many times this year, to be able to watch Calhoun play football. We have followed the stories of Calhoun and Man High School (Stan played for Man) very closely. I am so thrilled that my wish is coming true. The ballgame, between Calhoun and Tygarts Valley, taking place Saturday, is within walking distance of our home in Elkins. It is beautiful up here now, and the weather forecast for Elkins, for Saturday is partly sunny, 68 degrees. I will be receiving my Calhoun Red Devils shirt tomorrow, and I will wear it proudly, this week.

GOOD LUCK and the VERY BEST OF HEALTH to all the members and coaching staff of the CALHOUN RED DEVILS.

Linda Reed Edwards

Elkins, WV