"I was like a priest who had lost faith in the Church, but who, perhaps for that reason, clung closer to God." - The narrator, Joseph Antonelli, in D. W. Buffa's novel The Judgment

By Tony Russell

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-"Hey, Ace, how ya doin'? Still covering tractor-pulls, school food fights, and crimes against traffic?"

"Still at it, Cass. How about you? Still writing editorials on public affairs?"

"I am, but to tell the truth, I don't know how long I can keep it up. It's like pursing your lips and trying to blow Katrina back out to sea."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, you know what I mean."

"Before the Iraq war, I wrote that the administration was rushing to war even though the inspections were working."

"I wrote that the administration story about the yellowcake from Niger was bogus."

"I wrote that their aluminum-rods-for-reactors story was discredited."

"I wrote that Iraq would be in danger of descending into chaos."

"I wrote that depleted uranium munitions would cause enormous amounts of cancer and other illnesses, both among our troops and Iraqi civilians."

I wrote that the alleged link between Saddam and al Qaeda was a fabrication."

"I wrote that the war was illegal under international law, as well as immoral."

"Okay. So?"

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