Safety Concerns Foodland Parking Lot


Dear Editor,

My name is Vanessa Gordon. I was of the individuals that was in a collision at Foodland parking lot at Grantsville. I was the driver that was pulling out of the parking lot, unable to see the traffic.

I have heard that several people have had accidents while trying to pull out.

Many people like to park next to main road blocking the view to pull out safely on Route 16. It is likely my car is totaled.

I live off a very low income and I am raising my daughter on my own.

Not having my car has made it very hard me. I have a part time job at the bank as janitor. I couldn't afford to have full coverage on my car and because I was at fault, I will have no help from the insurance to get my car fixed.

I hope that people will speak out and have the Foodland lot prepared so that customers can exit safely.

It can be marked, posts placed in area or fixed to stop people from parking next to the main road.

Vanessa Gordon