Dear Editor,

I am a student at the STI/HRDE facility at the committee on aging in Spencer. As a former employee at the Kellwood plant I look to my future with some dread considering the job availability in our area of the state.

Will I be able to find employment? Who knows, but I believe that I should get every consideration when I apply for a job. Thus my reason for writing.

I am in a class of 17 women. Most are not twenty-ish and few are even thirty-ish. I am sending this letter in response to some disturbing information that we recently received; our age seems to be a problem when it comes to the Federal Government seeing us as potential employees.

We were told by a representative from CRI who is working in conjunction with the Workforce Investment Board that a panel representing the future prison in Glenville would be having a seminar to discuss opportunities for employment on June 26th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

You can imagine our excitement when we were told that secretarial positions would start at $30,000 annually. The excitement was short-lived when the announcement was followed by the news that in order to be eligible for the secretarial position the applicant must be below the age of 37.

We have not been able to speak to anyone that could confirm this information. Could you investigate and see if there is any need for we, who are beyond this age, to attend this seminar?

Carolyn Cunningham