Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part XII
By Lewis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/12/1927.

Captain Hiram Chapman's Company
Calhoun County Scouts
West Virginia State Troops

Muster Rolls from the 31st day of January, 1865, when last mustered, to the 31st day of May, 1865. Final Discharge May 31, 1865. Final discharge May 31, 1865.

Captain Hiram Chapman. Com. Capt. October 30, 1863 to rank from that date.


Bartlett, James F. Pro. 4th Sgt. Dec. 22, 1863; disch. date and cause unknown.
Bartlett, L.
Bartlett, Ren
Bartlett, T.F., Pro. 3rd Sgt. October 25, 1863; disch. date and cause unknown.
Belcher, John J.
Boice, Thomas
Brannon, John S.
Brannon, Solomon, Sergeant never appeared for duty.
Carpenter, Braden
Carpenter, Hez. Vol. U.S. Service.
Carpenter, John
Clevenger, James
Collins, A. never appeared for duty.
Cook, Peter M. Jd. Capt. Ellison's Co. by leave Sgt.
Coopman, James never appeared for duty.
Cottrell, John, Sergeant.
Cottrell, Jackson. Vol. U.S. Service.
Cottrell, Solomon
Cottrell, Thomas. Jd. Capt. Ellison's Co. by consent.
Cottrell, Samuel, never appeared for duty.
Damewood, Michael
Donalson, Alexander, Sergeant.
Douglas, Hiram
Downey, Alexander
Drinen, Lawrence
Duskey, John. Disch., date and place unknown.
Ellison, Charles
Ellison, Lewis D.
Epling, Leonard
Farer, Jackson
Glove, Granville. Vol. U.S. Service.
Greathouse, David
Greathouse, Henry
Greathouse, James
Harless, F.H., services never required; ready for duty. (see H.F. Harris)
Harless, Floyd, Sergeant.
Harold, Daniel. Vol. U.S. service.
Harold, Elias. Vol. U.S. service.
Harold, Michael. Vol. U.S. service.
Harris, F.H., Disch.; date and place unknown. (See F.H. Harless.)
Harold, Joseph. Vol. in U.S. service.
Holbert, William, services never required; ready for duty.
Lowe, Bradley, services never required; ready for duty.
Lynch, Gibson, discharged; date and place unknown.
Meadows, Joshua
Murphy, James, never appeared for duty.
Miller, Joshua, discharged; date and place unknown.
Morris, Jacob
Mullen, George
Nichols, William
Noyes, Charles
Noyes, Isaac W.
Noyes, William W.
Nutter, James, discharged; date and place unknown.
Nutter, Sylvester
Reger, Bastle, discharged; date and place unknown.
Reger, Jacob W., discharges; transferred from Capt. Donalson's Co. Oct.22, 1863.
Reynolds, Jonathan
Reynolds, Randolph
Riger, Jacob
Simmons, John, never appeared for duty.
Simons, William, vol. in U.S. service.
Simons, Samuel J.
Smith, Asa, never appeared for duty.
Smith, George R.
Springston, George
Tanner, Jackson
Taylor, Anderson, never appeared for duty
Thompson, John
Vance, Charles
Ward, Job A., discharged; date and place unknown.
Weaver, Edgar
West, Jesse, 1st Sergeant.
West, Thomas, transferred from Capt. Donalson's Co. 22-63.
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, William K., promoted Sgt.
Woolf, Abraham
Wright, Basil
Wright, Columbus
Wright, George W.
Wright, James M.
Wright, Rawley
Wright, Taylor

The above named men are record as enrolled from Calhoun county excepting Solomon Cottrell and Jackson Farer, who are enrolled from Roane county.

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