Parking Lot Needs To Be Made Safe


Dear Editor,

I believe it is time to challenge the Facemires, owners of our local Foodland chain store, to redesign the parking area for their patrons.

Because the parking is allowed right against Rt. 16, blocking the view, there have been repeated accidents at this site.

Last week it was my daughter, who wrecked because large trucks were parked in the lot causing a blind spot.

It was a truck parked above the painted parking area, next to the highway.

I ask that all patrons of Facemire's Foodland to request a safer parking area.

We request that some of the profit be to redesign the parking lot in Grantsville before a death occurs.

My prayers to the woman who was transported to the hospital from the other vehicle in that same accident.

Please Mr. Facemire, redesign the parking area, for the sake of your patrons!

Mrs. Art Bell,