Ashamed of those opposed to Rizzo


Dear Editor,

I have been following publications on the hiring, boycotting, and recent resigning of Arnoldsburg Principal Dr. Gene Rizzo.

I have made every effort to educate myself on the issue, and have done much soul-searching.

After reading yesterdays story on Dr. Rizzo's resignation, I am writing to make it known that I am truly ashamed of the people of Calhoun County.

I was born and raised in Grantsville, and have always been very proud of my heritage. I was taught to love others, even when it's hard to do.

I was taught to welcome newcomers to the community, and most importantly, I was taught not to judge.

I realize that I sound hypocritical; however I believe that Dr. Rizzo is a basically good person, and is preceded by an excellent reputation for educating children.

ed It is my opinion those who protest his hiring do so in an attempt to make themselves seem like better parents, and to make feel important.

Having grown up in Calhoun County, I know many of it's citizens and have been aware of many of the county's scandals and parental shortcomings.

I realize that we all want our children to receive an adequate education in a safe and healthy environment.

I believe that, of all Calhoun County educators, Dr. Rizzo should have been the least of parent's concerns.

There have been many educators in the county who have made particularly bad choices in their personal lives, or have even been accused of having improper relations with students, yet have been forgiven and even welcomed by Calhoun County schools because they were "from here!"

I believe that Dr. Rizzo has been persecuted, not because the citizens of Calhoun County feel that his personal actions were any more heinous than those of other educators, or that his professional integrity has somehow been compromised, but because the people of Calhoun County fear anyone new or unfamiliar.

In conclusion, if the people of Calhoun County are so concerned with the future of their children, they should focus on the examples they set, rather than the educators they allow in the school system.

Jessica Greathouse
129 Calhoun St.
Grantsville, WV 26147