Dear Editor,

Just discovered the Herald. Pretty good stuff I think. A comment on the Promise Scholarship, or The Promised Pay Raise as I call it.

The majority of the money raised by the gray machines ( which I guess are no longer gray, but some other color ) will go towards pay increases, not the college kids. This is WV politics at it's very worst, using the bait and switch tactic of used car dealers. They couldn't just "do it for the children" , they had to include everyone else in the mix as well. As for whether the people involved needed the raise, I don't know. I do know our local House of Delegates member here , who happens to BE a teacher, dug it. He got an extra grand a year.

Voting yourself a raise in pay from your Delegate job is a no no, but voting yourself a raise for your regular gig is OK. And the State has just made it 10 times as easy for all of our young people to go get degrees so they can leave the state EVEN FASTER. Such a deal. This is the forward thinking WV needs, no doubt.

Regards from Charles Town, keep the Herald flag flying!

Tim West