Dear Editor,

Director Tony Russell, Lights On Advisory committee member Holy CreelFox of Orma, and I have had the privilege of interviewing Calhoun young people. They had applied, all 17 of them, for 8 mentor-tutor positions across the middle and elementary schools, part of the Lights On 2001 Summer Program.

This indeed was a wonderful experience for the three of us. Let me tell you why. First, I speak of the process. The jobs were posted and Tony then developed six questions that we asked of each person, questions about their interest in the position, their training and their experience. Each person was given time to communicate their answers and also to ask any questions or concerns that they might have. Responses were recorded and given thoughtful consideration. We worked at keeping the process fair.

In the process, we encountered 17 grand young people. These are caring, thoughtful, capable people, happy to serve as well as earn. It was our privilege, over these two days, to be with them in this experience. We give thanks. Our hope is with all of them.

Rev. Peig Schmitz, Grantsville
Co-chair, Lights On! Schools Advisory Committee