Standing Up For What We Believe In


Dear Editor

I am writing on the behalf of the concerned parents and citizens of Arnoldsburg Elementary.

I have been reading all the letters on the Hur Herald, and I think it is sad that a parent would not stand up to take action on this matter to me this is neglect on those parent's part.

We just don't understand how a person could go to a board meeting filled with just as much anger, and disappointment as we were over this man being hired and then in a split second change their mind after talking to him for a couple of hours.

Don't we as parents interview, ask question, and ask for good references before hiring a babysitter for our children? Well this is all we are doing here with Dr. Rizzo. We just want what is best for our children.

I will agree those without sin cast the first stone, but those with children will be held accountable at the end of time if we do not ask questions, and get answers for putting our children in harms way.

As for not telling our children about Dr. Rizzo that to me is wrong! I don't lie to my child about nothing!!! If the world was coming to a end would we not tell our children what was going on hold them tight in our arms, and make sure they know how much we love them, sure we would and this is all we are doing here.

This so called mob has no ring leader! We have not elected Brenda Holcomb or Lee Evans as our leader they both are just as concerned as we are. We all stand behind one and other all the way, we are as equals, and yes we know everyone has an opinion about this, but we were the only ones to take action and stand up for what we believe in. We as children was taught to stand up for what we believed in and that is all we are doing.

We would like to thank the Board for taking action, and keeping Rizzo out of the school until some things were resolved. This lets us parents know you care as much as we do. THANK YOU!!

Bobbie Jarvis