Another Side to The Controversy


Dear Editor

There is another side to the Rizzo controversy that shouldn't be missed.

The mental image conjured up of all these excessively angry parents demanding a different principal other than the one who got in trouble for being excessively angry, is laughable.

How do they expect anyone to take them seriously when they can be no more mature than that?

They may as well be cavemen hitting each other over the head with clubs. I understand the anger. I really do. But I don't think that these parents are just angry about the new principal. I think that the school system treads on thin ice as it is, and this was just the straw that broke the camels back.

I believe that there were a lot of angry parents to begin with, for numerous reasons, who felt quite powerless to come up against a far less than perfect system. Now they have found a convenient scapegoat, and like a pack of vicious dogs, have focused their aggressions on the one thing they think they can have some effect on.

But no matter what their methods, they have created a situation that does need to be looked at. Because no matter how lilly white Rizzo may be these days, I can see that he will most likely have huge problems working within this school system. How can anyone expect him to do his job properly when there are so many who will be against him? It is as if he is coming to work every day with a whole list of handicaps, namely all the people who don't want him there.

They could make his life totally miserable every day. This could effect his ability to do his work properly. It could also end up driving him over the edge yet again if it goes on long and hard enough. After all, he is only human. Looking at it in this light, I really think that he should resign, no matter how ridiculous the argument seems to be to those who want him there.

Nothing with this much controversy attached to it should just be cut and dried. And no matter how ridiculous the angry parents seem to be, they are still there, they are angry for a reason, and they have some force to be reckoned with.

I just think it's a shame that these parents never had the guts to put up a fuss before now.

Patsy Buvoltz