Mistakes In Hiring Need Corrected


Dear Editor

I am the parent of a child at Arnoldsburg School and I'd like to say a few things regarding the current situation with Dr. Rizzo.

Everybody is so quick to judge those of us that are against him being at our school, let me ask you this ... how many of those in opposition of us actually have kids in this school? I'm willing to bet it's very few, and as far as the out of state teacher writing and upholding him maybe there is a place for him at her school.

This man has had a second chance. 2001 was his second chance after an incident of the same nature happened in 1996, the records of which have been sealed.

Yes he spent one month in jail, but he was sentenced to two years in jail along with the two years probation, a psychiatric evaluation, and anger management classes for 6 months three times a week. This doesn't sound like a sentence for something that amounts to "little more then trespassing."

We have lost good teachers over the years for a lot less reason then this, one of the best teachers we ever had at the high school when I was there lost his job over some bad checks written in his personal life, this kind of thing in no way effected his job or how he dealt with the kids, he was a really good teacher but because of some simple non-violent mistakes made in his personal life he could no longer teach in our school system.

I do agree that we all make mistakes, such as the ones made in hiring this man without doing proper background checks and going through the correct process before putting him to work. Like most mistakes it can be rectified. I just hope our superintendent can correct the mistakes he has made in hiring this man.

Cindy Siers