A Grandparent Speaks Out About Dr. Rizzo


Everyone has a right to there opinion, and I for one am not trying to crucify Dr. Rizzo. But I want to know the truth about this man before he is in charge of our children. He did not fill out an application there was no background check and he does have some things in his past that I am concerned about.

The out of state teacher wrote, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and that the Board of education had no problem hiring him and that if he proves to be a bad choice then the Board has to answer to the community and parents. That could be too late if he hurts someone. I for one am not willing to take that chance.

I have gone to the meetings to try to see if there is reason for concern about this man. From what I have learned there is, so unless you have checked everything out yourself about him you don't have the right to crucify the parents who are trying to make sure their children are safe.

He might be alright, I am not sure, but until I am I back these parents one hundred percent. They have a right to know their child is safe. I have no children in the school, but I do have grandchildren in the school. I want to know they are safe.

No other state wants this man, so ask yourself why? He is very well educated and has degrees but no one wants him. He was asked to resign from two different schools that we know of. That tells me something isn't right here.

The world is not a safe place, there is all kinds of people out there, you hear all kinds of bad things. I for one would rather be safe then sorry. So, in my opinion the past of someone in charge of children is worth checking out.

For the record there was only one person at these meetings that got out of control none of the other people there even know who this man was nor did they like what he said.

Debbie McKown

Arnoldsburg, West Virginia