Out of State Teacher Comments on Rizzo Matter


Dear Editor

I can not imagine what Dr. Rizzo must be going through. But, as an educator and a product of the Calhoun County school system, I think it is very wrong for a former educator to "crucify" this man.

When I attended Calhoun County High School from 1977-1983, there were "certain educators" who themselves, if honest, would have found themselves in compromising positions as well. If you want to talk about the past of some people, then sweep around your door before you even begin to talk about this man, Dr. Rizzo.

Some would probably say that I do not have an interest in this matter at all since I teach out of state, but they would be wrong. I have a niece that will be going to Arnoldsburg Elementary School.

If the Board of Education of Calhoun County had no problem hiring Dr. Rizzo, then the community needs to stand behind this man and support him. If he proves to be a bad choice as an administrator, then the Board of Education has to answer to the community and parents, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Allison Johnson Brant