Easy To Cast Stones


Dear Editor,

I have been reading the stories about hiring the Arnoldsburg principal. I don't think it was right to come into the county and not let it be known about the past, but after the extensive questions and answers, I do not feel he should not "need to be crucified," as one of our former teachers said.

Dr. Rizzo answered their questions and if he did have an anger problem that affected children over his 27 years, I think it would have surfaced by now.

He should be angry about the treatment he has received in Calhoun County.

I believe he should be given a chance to prove his worth.

I feel concerned that several of the people who are leading the movement against this man, may themselves need anger management counseling, demonstrated by their conduct in these meetings, while others in their group have had anger problems which have affected children, spouses and people in this community.

One of them who is the pot calling the kettle black, scared the daylights out of the kids at school, but no charges were ever brought against him. My son would come home telling me about incident after incident.

If the standards of what one does in ones personal life is now used to disqualify teachers and other officials, then surely dozens of school professionals should have been removed from their positions.

Many of those with problems, exceed what Dr. Rizzo appears to have done in his personal life, and little was done to them.

It is sad that people get on self-righteous crusades, when we all make mistakes, sometimes spending the rest of our life correcting them.

It is easy to cast the stones.

Is there no one out there who believes Dr. Rizzo should have the chance to prove himself, willing take a stand in his favor? Sincerely,
Twila Montgomery
Mt. Zion