Enough Is Enough


Dear Editor,

As a citizen of this community and a parent of a child attending Arnoldsburg Grade School, I must say enough is enough.

Every time I look at the Hur Herald and see another story crucifying Dr. Rizzo I feel sorry, not for him, but for the people that are doing the crucifying.

As a parent I can understand the initial concern, but once he bore his soul about his personal life it should have been more than enough.

Living in this community 90% of my life I can say without doubt that any of us might have done the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.

A statement was made in a previous article concerning Dr. Rizzo stating "How would you handle a discipline problem in school, when the parents and children know you're just as guilty as they are?"

It is my opinion the children shouldn't know anything about all this mess in the first place.

Since they're stating that their concern is for their children - do they not think all this uproar is going to affect the children?

How are they suppose to go to school and concentrate on school work if they know all this is going on? We're suppose to set an example for our children.

We wouldn't want our children crucifying another child because of their past, but yet that's what they see parents doing.

Do the parents that are doing this know the background of every teacher that is teaching in our school system?

Do they know the background of every person that serves on the board of education?

My guess would be no they don't.

We all have skeletons in our closet, how would they like for theirs to be put before the community. I'll leave everyone with this thought "Ye without sin cast the first stone".

Tammy Houchin