Dear Editor,

I totally agree with Don Smith and the other members of the Roane Emergency Squad who resigned from their positions. I find it shocking and repulsive that a person such as Mr. Cottle is placed in such a position of trust in the community.

I do not live in Roane County but do have family members living there. Have the people of Roane County forgotten what Mr. Cottle was convicted of? He is a registered sex offender. He has been convicted of sexually molesting little girls. I, personally would be ashamed to be a member of the board that appointed him to such a position of authority.

If these people feel that he is rehabilitated and that he is "contributing to the community" then perhaps they would not mind him baby sitting their children. It has been proven that child sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated. I have several nieces and nephews living in Roane County and I pray that they never come in contact with Mr. Cottle in any form.

I think that the people of Roane County should strongly protest his appointment to this position. I would like to know how he went from being a child molester to being an "upstanding" member of the community. People from other areas of the country often make fun of West Virginia. I find myself thinking, where else could this happen? We know he is a child molester, yet we put him in such a position. I could go on and on but the more I write the more upset I get. Please, residents of Roane County, do not let this man continue to "serve" your community in this manner.

Patricia Laughlin