Response to "I hope he comes home..."


A response to "I hope he comes home..."

Dear Editor,

I can't believe I read that. Did I read that?

Mr. McGough said President George W Bush committed murder because soldiers are dying? I can't let that statement go unchallenged.

First off these soldiers are volunteer soldiers and the majority believe in this mission. George W Bush and the great men an women of our military our life savers and liberators, not murderers.

Sadam Hussein is the murderer. He allowed his sons the right to defile a mans wife on their wedding night, they held the right to have sex with her before her husband.

They tortured and murdered by the thousands if not millions and you agree with him. If it were up to you they would still be doing it. You may be able to live with your self and think its right to rape torture and murder, but thank God we have a man like George W. Bush.

He is a man that is not afraid to do what is right and honorable.

Barry A Miller