Humane Society Officers Resign


To The Residents of Calhoun,

This letter is to inform you that the following people have resigned their positions in the Calhoun County Humane Society - Janet Richards-President; Judy Yoak-Vice-President; Jessica Richards-Secretary/Treasurer/Fund raising President; Cathy Curry-Fund raising Vice-President.

The property previously stated as the site for the building is still a go. Judy said that she would lease the land to the Humane Society.

The Humane Society is going to be looking for dedicated, animal loving people to fill these positions. If you are interested contact Ruth or Bob Beall.

The position of Secretary for the Board of Directors is open due to Tina Little resigning as well.

Janet, Judy, Jessica and Cathy all send a huge THANK YOU out to all those who have helped us while we were hard at work trying to get this up and running. Unfortunately, the fuel just runs out over time with not enough help.


Jessica Richards