Open Letter to Grantsville Mayor and Town Council


I read the Mayor's Chat in the most recent issue of the Calhoun Chronicle and do want to clear up any misconception about my earlier letter if, indeed, there is any misconception.

I did not have any argument with the closing of the Grantsville pool. If this financial step is necessary, so be it.

My argument and my concern is the seeming rush to fill the pool in with concrete, dirt, rocks, bricks or whatever. Once this is done there is no repair or reconsideration. There is no going back?

Why the rush to fill in the pool? Why no time for researching possible means of financing for refurbishing the pool? Why the rush to fill it in before the new council can be seated?

I think that is a mistake.

If the consideration is financial it should not be. The pool without water is a hole in the ground and costs nothing to maintain.

If the consideration is liability insurance one would hope the Town of Grantsville had the foresight to obtain liability insurance on all of the town park and not just the pool. If this is not the case then it should be addressed first and the filling in of the pool should come second. It is my understanding that some of the pool equipment has already been given away. That's too bad. I also understand that the removal of the roof of the dressing rooms and snack area is under way. That, too, is too bad. While I realize that council and the mayor handled all the legalities of closing and filling the pool, I again plead for more time before filling the pool in.

And I will sleep well in the knowledge that seeking more time before the non-revocable move of filling the pool in is the right decision.


Gaylen Duskey