Our Wonderful Community


Dear Editor,

On May 9 at approximately 6:00 p.m. one of the scariest things, if not the scariest, happened in my life. Our home caught on fire.

My six year old daughter, my nine year old daughter and myself were the only ones home. After the apartment became engulfed in smoke God gave me the wonderful gift known as "mother's instinct" and without thinking of anything else, my daughters and I crawled out of the smoke filled building into safety.

You hear about things like this happening everyday, either on the news, the radio or by word of mouth, so why is my story different?

I believe that my story is different because of the love of OUR community. The volunteer firemen and women, without care for their own safety, ran into the building to try to save someone else's home, personal property and memories.

Our friends and members of OUR community had clothes and shoes for myself and my children before I laid down my head that night.

The wonderful teachers, staff and parents of children of Arnoldsburg Elementary were and are a blessing sent from God.

It seems that lately all you hear about are the horrible things happening, gossip and the like. I wanted to tell my story so that everyone would know what a wonderful place we live in and to say thank you to each and every individual who came forth unselfishly to help my family.

There are so many people who volunteered help to clean up, gave money and clothes and said prayers.too many to count. Thank you. You know who you are. We will always remember the caring and love you have shown in our time of need and you will always be in my thoughts and my prayers.


Eric Lane, Lynn Webb, Elle and Lexi Webb