INTERCEPTED LETTER: Cottrell To The Community


To the residents of upper West Fork, Arnoldsburg Community and other interested people:

Because of serious misbehaviors, gross violation of bylaws and financial misconduct, we have asked for the resignation of Wanda Richards, or feel we must take this to court.

We hope this can be avoided !!!! We would rather spend the time, energy and money on building the Center.

To arbitrate the problem, we propose our entire Board seek help from one experienced officer from five community organizations, such as: Upper West Fork Community Park, Upper West Fork VFD, Minnora Church, Walnut Church, Walker Church, West Fork Community Center at Arnoldsburg, the Arnoldsburg VFD, etc.

We propose these five people be allowed to take over the operation of the center for six months, arrange for an audit, review the bylaws and conduct an election of new board members and officers, allowing people of the community to vote - not just board members.

We will take this proposal to the board training meeting sponsored by Minnie Hamilton Health Care on Tuesday evening, May 29th.

Minnora Community Center is owned by the people of our county, and should be run for and by a broad representation of all our community.

Until recently Ms. Richards five votes of support on the board included herself, her husband, her husband's first cousin and her best friend. Two weeks ago, she voted her daughter to be treasurer and her husband's brother and wife to be board members.

Enough is enough! It is a Community Center, not a one person or a family and friends center.

Signed, Minnora Community Center Board Members: Larry Cottrell, Donna Jordan, Juanita Boggs, Herschel Yost, Phillip Stevens.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Richard's board has voted Juanita Boggs off the board, claiming she missed three consecutive meetings (required by the bylaws). Richards does not recognize Hershel Yost as an official board member, although he claims to have been elected. Donna Jordan was briefly elected treasurer, but she was removed the following meeting. She stated she would only accept the treasurers position if there was an audit.