Prayer for Danny McKown


I am writing regarding my loving uncle, Danny McKown.

We all love him dearly and want what is best for him. My prayers are with his family and I wish I could be there at their time of need. I love you all and miss you.

Here is a prayer for him and his family.

God our Father, source of all health, be near those who suffer in time of weakness and pain; relieve them of their burden and heal them, if it be Your will. Give peaceful sleep to those who need rest for soul and body, and be with them in their hours of silence. Bless those who know not what another day will bring. Make them ready for whatever it may be. Whether they must stand, or sit or be confined, grant them a strong spirit. Inspire with Your love those who bring healing and care to the suffering. May they bestow Your gifts of health and strength wherever they go. Grant this prayer, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Laura and Rene' Baudouin