Appreciation For Coverage Of Missing Man


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the prompt and continuous reporting about Calvin Boatright.

Many of us living out of state with no immediate family in WV have no way to receive Calhoun News except through The Hur Herald.

Many family and friends of Calvin did not know he was missing until we read it on The Hur Herald.

Had it not been for your news updates, we would not have known how concerned the neighborhood people were. People took time from their families to diligently go out into the frigid, snowy and rainy weather daily to search for him, until he was located.

Since I grew up in Calhoun and was graduated from CHS in 1959, I know how caring and special the people living in Calhoun are. I left WV immediately after highschool graduation to seek employment in Ohio. I have always felt blessed to have grown up in WV and be among the love that was shared between family and friends there.

May God send special blessings to the Calhoun Sheriff, Mr. Carl Ballengee, the three fire departments, and others that searched and provided information in locating Calvin...and to The Hur Herald for the many timely updates on Calvin and all the other news we look forward to. Wanda Boatright Stone, Hemingway, SC