Response To Shooting Dog


Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Miller's comments about Mr. Boatright's dog.

First of all, Thank God that we live in a country where we are able to express our opinions freely and openly. I also thank the editor's of this website for allowing us to express our right of free speech. I respect Mr. Miller's opinion, although I don't agree with it.

Secondly, I would just like to state for the record that I am an animal lover and animal rights supporter. I have two golden retrievers who think they are "lap" dogs. They live in the house and are treated like royalty.

I firmly believe that you can look into a dog's eyes and tell what kind of temperament they have. I have walked right up to Shepard's and Rottweiler's because they have a look in their eyes that their temperament is good, even with the owner not around and petted it.

The type of dog Mr. Boatright had, as most people would agree, are typical bread for their hunting abilities first, and their temperament second.

The poor dog was probably very confused, very scared, very hungry, and was most likely trying to protect his master's body.

Given these factors, a human might also act differently if faced with the same circumstances that this dog was faced with.

Although, under the same constitution that grants us free speech, there are also laws that protect us humans from the same fate this poor dog faced.

Our rural counties do not have the resources that other more populated counties have to call an Animal Control Officer and have an animal removed from a piece of property where they don't belong.

I believe the owner of the property was correct in killing Mr. Boatright's animal because his investment in the cattle was being threatened, and he must of felt that he or his family was in some type of physical danger when he shot the animal.

Quite possibly, if he knew at the time that it was Mr. Boatright's dog, he MAY have done things differently.

Trust me, if I felt that my child any other child, or another member of my family, or any one else was being threatened by any animal (including my own) and it was clearly on my property, I would pick up a gun and shoot it, no question, in a heartbeat.


Linda Simmons