Cecil Sturm One Of "Greatest Generation"


Dear Bob,

When Tom Brokaw wrote his book "The Greatest Generation" he was writing about men like Cecil Sturm.

Cecil was one of the best men this country could produce. When Japan attack Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on the United States Cecil was ready to serve his country.

I can remember visiting Cecil and Tressie at their home down the West Fork from Arnoldsburg. He told me of his experiences in World War II.

He told me about being a radio man on the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown. He was at his post when the order came to abandon ship. A fellow radioman was wounded. Cecil stayed with him until they were off the ship.

The last time I saw Cecil was in the Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center. He had had a knee replacement operation in Cleveland and wanted to come back to Calhoun to recuperate. We again had a good conversation. He was a very fine man and human being.

I am sure that there are a lot of good men and women today but I will always feel pride in the ones who were my heroes in 1941-1945.

James C. Haught

Mr. Sturm passed this week at Arnoldsburg