Lack Of Restrooms A Problem For Seniors


Dear Editor,

I would like to bring attention to a complaint I have with the Grantsville Foodland store. I would like to also say I have nothing personal against Grantsville Foodland or the manager, I am sure he does his job well or he wouldn't be there. My complaint is with store policy.

On January 31 I noticed signs posted on the entrance door and inside the store that read "No Public Restroom".

Now I personally have no problem with their new rule, my complaint is the inconvenience to our senior citizens and to those who may have bladder or other problems.

I spoke with the manager and reminded him that seniors came from Arnoldsburg, Annamoriah and other places to shop in his store, and did it bother him that some may at times have to get back on the senior's bus with wet clothes, too embarrassed to say anything?

The only response he gave us was "Well, I have to send my people in to clean the restrooms".

I noticed also they charge 2% of a check's value to cash a check. So Mr. And Mrs. Senior Citizen we will take 2% of your Social Security or pension check so you can spend your money here but don't ask to use the restrooms.

I find it sad and disheartening to see anyone, especially Senior Citizens treated in this manner. It seems profit has become the only goal in our society on all fronts at any cost, including the total disregard for their customers. And I would like to remind Foodland that it is the customers that pay the freight for all their profits, overhead and salary.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this subject or am I just being petty?

Hie Herron,