We Lose More Of Our Freedoms


Dear Editor,

What do the people now think of the smoking ban in restaurants? In Michigan, you can't even smoke in your own home or you loose your job.

Since when can companies dictate our private lives. If we aren't careful, the next thing they will tell us we have to loose weight or you will loose your job.

You can't have a drink in your own home?

Will they next try to tell us what religion we are to believe in?

Enough is enough.

As they use to say when I was young, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.

Is that what we want to go to?

As I said in a previous letter, whatever we do is our choice, not our employers, and certainly not our governments.

Each day that goes by we lose a little more of our freedoms. Pretty soon we won't be free.

And as for President Bush cutting the Veterans Benefits, it is a lousy thing to do.

He was too chicken to have served his country. It will soon be two years when he landed on the aircraft carrier and said the war was over. Tell that to all the families that have loved ones since that time. Not to mention all the soldiers that have come back home without arms and legs. He has some nerve cutting their benefits.

Why can't some of the bases that they have been closed for many years be reconditioned for federal housing for our returning service people until they can get back on their feet? Irene Butler