Dear Editor,

On May 16th The Minnora Community Center had a meeting at President Wanda Richard's house. Seventeen attendees sat on the front porch enjoying the cool evening breeze and delicious homemade cake, coffee and cookies.

I will say it was the most enjoyable and productive board meeting I have gone to in the last year with a feeling of cheerful camaraderie and cooperation.

Rose Jarvis said this is how the meetings used to be.

Many positive things were discussed and many felt we can now move forward with ideas and projects. Some of the old business included the Starting Points preferences survey is scheduled to be done shortly. The Center urgently needed some fill-in rock for the pond area which was generously donated by the folks at Bartlett Concrete.

Plans for a spaghetti fund raising dinner in June was worked on with several people volunteering food, labor and suggestions. People stayed well after the adjournment of the meeting discussing future ideas, being eager to help.

We are all anxious to watch the Minnora Community Center grow and prosper while serving the community needs.

Justin Wizard,