Dear Editor,

Here is a true story about Creed Brooks. One day Creed was in Grantsville, gathered around a group of local men who got together back then to talk and tell stories. They were near a "livery stable" , one of the men asked Creed if he would give a political speech, probably to make fun of him, as his humor was sometimes a little "dry" to some folks.

He was a witty man, but of few words. So, Creed went & stepped on the top of a pile of horse manure. He was looked upon in awe, "what was he doing?" Ol' Creed just looked them in the eye and said these words "well, gentlemen this is the first time I was ever asked to make a Republican speech on a Democrat platform.".....very witty.

One day, Creed was in his garden, a man passing by ask him what he was doing, he answered "planting corn", the man then asked "what kind of corn?" To which Creed replied "I planted yellow corn, I figure it will come up yellow corn".

Another time he was outside near his "home" and a man passing by, unfamiliar with the area asked Creed, "where was the shallowest place around?" To which Creed replied in his no-nonsense way ...."Right under your hat, right under your hat."

One time Creed was walking in the middle of the road, as was the reason he was run over a lot, a fellow hit him and ran right over him, the driver was horrified at hitting him and ran to the back of his truck to see what shape the person he had hit was in. Ol' Creed was crawling from under the tailgate of the truck, on his back, looking upward. The driver said "are you hurt?" Ol' Creed just looked up and said in his droll tone, "mister if you would have put that (the name on the tailgate) on the front I would have done what it says.....DODGE..."

He was a very colorful & witty citizen of "Sunny Cal" who made it a place of many kinds of people, free to be what they were. To see his picture put a face on the person I had heard about all my life, I also know that his adventures & tales went out all over the county for many years. Uniqueness is a virtue, to be able to be free with who you really are is a blessing, we take for granted. Let's remember Ol' Creed and the humor he brought to many.

Susan Snider