A Face On A Right-Thinking Democrat


Dear Editor,

This morning I checked the Hur Herald as usual and I always read the Opinions and Comments. Typically, I can read the views opposite of mine and see where they are coming from. However, this morning when I read the latest installment of "An American's Perspective" I felt I had to respond.

I would first like to put a face to what Mr. Propst refers to as the right-thinking Democrats whose ideas (or lack of them) do not resonate with the American people.

I am one of those Democrats. I am a native of "Sunny Cal." I grew up in Grantsville and am very proud of where I came from. I am also one of millions of Americans that share a view, an idea if you will, of what a strong, healthy America could look like.

First I want to mention that I am annoyed at the use of statistics in opinion columns in general. I have degrees in Mathematics and have taken a few statistics courses.

I also taught 7th graders about how to detect misleading statistics and graphs. Anyone who researches enough can find statistics to promote what angle they are trying to push.

Big businesses often use misleading statistics presenting progress to shareholders and clients.

Such numbers seems to give information a sense of "truth" that may or may not be so.

I, as a proud Democrat from West Virginia, wish for more than what we are currently getting from our president.

I wish for more for the children in the school systems.

I wish for more for our health care system.

I wish for more diplomacy.

I wish for better foreign relations for the safety of our people.

I wish for more for my husband as a teacher.

I wish for more for my daughter.

I believe in the UN and what they stand for.

I believe in what our founding fathers put forth in the Constitution.

I want so badly to believe in our current administration, but I have been disappointed so many times.

Yes, thank our Lord and Savior that there were no weapons of mass destruction stock piled in Iraq. But, shame on our administration for misleading their people and for passing the buck to the CIA and misinformation.

Yes, Bill Clinton believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but he did not attack Iraq.

Bill Clinton did not go against the UN and attack a country that did not first attack us or one of our allies. Other countries look to us as leaders, and we have let them down.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Iraq "may have had ties to Al Qaeda." Today there is no question as to whether or not there are ties to Al Qaeda. Iraq is now a breeding ground for terrorists. So, if there was no tie before, there sure is one now. Does that make us safer? A country that is in utter turmoil now has terrorists on a recruiting frenzy.

We needed our allies when we went in and we need them now. Instead we turned our back on them.

I believe that a large part of the election outcome was due to fear. Fear of change in a time of such uncertainty. President George W. Bush has an air about him. Americans know that he won't take "crap" from anybody and that is what they are clinging to.

I don't believe that the outcome of the election was due to his great vision for this country. What he is doing to our school systems is horrendous! If you want me to elaborate on that let me know ... I could go on for hours.

Our foreign relations is weak at best and our economy is shaky. People are still afraid to invest, people are afraid of downsizing and outsourcing. Fear is driving our economy and has been for a few years now. West Virginia largely supported George Bush, but for what? What has he done for the people of your great state? Where are the jobs? Where are the factories? Why are so many young people (including myself) leaving West Virginia despite their love for the state and it's people?

Charisma is simply not enough!

I don't want my President to be a "regular guy." I want more from my President. I want the Rhodes Scholar. I want a man or woman with the qualities of a good leader: intelligence, diplomacy, business sense, vision, etc.

I know there are many that will disagree with my view points. I strongly believe the only way to improve our government is to have conflicting views. Views that make us contemplate and come to a compromise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my views. I am just a young, intelligent, Democratic business woman, looking forward and hoping for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Jennifer (Mullenax) Whitehair