Thanks Calhoun Health Department


Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Calhoun County Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. I was able to finally acquire a flu vaccination there.

I had tried several, several times at the Roane County office and was told I did not meet the requirements. My husband has diabetes and was grudgingly given one there.

Each time I called I was treated very rudely and indifferently, as though I didn't matter or was trying to steal the vaccine. I explained that I am susceptible to pneumonia and have been hospitalize three times in the past for it.

I was very afraid I would contract pneumonia or even the common cold and be a carrier back to my husband as I work out of the home.

I was not asking for special treatment. I know there are sicker people than I and for that I am fortunate. However I felt I met the criteria. Obviously Calhoun County agreed since after explaining the circumstances to office personal Gloria Stevens, I was not questioned further and the statement made that I should have already received the vaccine as I live with a diabetic and work out of the home.

Thank you Calhoun County Health Department for making me feel right at home.

Beverly J. Wright