Consolidation Projects Never Save Money


Dear Editor,

The last line of the article "Legislature will consider consolidation measures" is right on target. "Consolidation projects so far in West Virginia have cost the taxpayers more money."

I have seen the results in our former state of California.

The introduction of such legislation led to the formation of the San Diego County Regional Commission and added still another layer of bureaucracy and the predicted 'cost-savings' not only failed to materialize, there were simply more offices, more uncivil servants, and finally more taxes to be paid.

And, there was already something called "SANDAG," an association of municipal bureaucracies.

County government and county schools put control at the most local level, WHERE THEY BELONG!

Just look what has happened to so many societal functions since Washington, D.C. has decided they can do it better. Health care costs have skyrocketed, education has gone into the crapper and they cannot even understand the difference between 'American interests' and 'none of our business.'

It's hard to believe how many in government fail to learn from the mis-steps and screw-ups of others.

I know it is a pipe dream to wish for the impossible, but it would be so much easier on the taxpayers and would preserve our freedoms if anyone running for elected office or applying for some do-nothing/make-work government job would have to pass a test to demonstrate an understanding of simple reason, knowledge of the past and some familiarity with the state and federal constitutions.

But all we will get, until people realize that voting as they always have, will only give them more of the what they have always gotten; more government, less freedom.

Steve Allison