Smoking regulations and other "rights"


Dear Editor,

I just finished reading the letter from Cindy Siers on the smoking ban. I too, am a non-smoker and had been married to smoker for 49 1/2 years.

Is everyone so sure that it is smoking that is causing health problems. I have thought for many years that the government has been hiding something from us and blaming smoking for health problems. Could it be from all the atomic testing that was done many years ago.

Talk about loosing our rights, I do not believe in abortions for birth control, but I think that should up to the woman and her doctor not the government dictating whether she should have an abortion or not.

I also think it would be better to let a woman take a morning after pill. Chances are that she may not be pregnant and if she is then there would be any question about abortion.

Every day we are loosing our rights. One woman caused us not to have prayer in school.

Now they are trying to block our government from starting their day without a prayer. Just who are these people that can do that?

There are a lot other things that we have lost.

Thank you for letting me sound off.

Irene Butler