Light Up To Protest Smoking Ban


Dear Editor,

First of all let me say that I am a non-smoker I always have been and I plan to stay that way.

But let me also say that just because I decide not to smoke doesn't mean I should be able to dictate to everyone around me if they choose to do so.

I would think that with this being the land of supposed freedom, we wouldn't be able to limit one's right to smoke if they so desire as long as it has its designated areas within establishments.

I, as a non-smoker, will respect those rights by staying in my smoke free area, areas I might remind you that the owners of these establishments had to bring up to code and supply ventilation for and spend their own hard earned money.

Mow they are taking it a step further. What's next? Where will it stop?

These regulations are going so far as telling people that they are not allowed to smoke outside privately owned establishments.

If the day ever comes that the law makers of America decide that they can try to make people stop smoking inside their home, I pity this country.

We are grown adults and I believe everyone should be treated as such without fourteen people deciding what's best for us.

We have a constitution for a reason and I was always taught that reason was so that the people making the laws couldn't run over top of those who follow them.

Well, if this smoking ban goes through, all I can say is it has failed miserably.

Maybe instead of using the allotted two whole minutes to speak at these meetings, people ought to light up! Actions after all do speak louder then words.

How long before this is a communist country instead of the land of freedom? Ten years? Twenty? At this rate it will be a lot sooner then we think.

Cindy Siers