Smoking Rights Defended


Dear Editor,

I am a non-smoker, having quit several years ago. I do believe that non-smokers do have a right be in a clean environment. But I also believe property owners have the right to have control of their property.

I feel that posting whether they are smoking or no smoking, should be the only right that any government agency has to impose on them.

Our fore-fathers fought and died in several wars, so we could have the right to live in a free society of choice and the pursuit of happiness.

P For years they have been trying to take our right to have arms, telling us where we can and cannot pray, messing with the Pledge of Allegiance in telling us when we can even use the word God.

This, to me, is similar why we left England in the first place.

What is the next thing they are going to impose on us, or should I say take from us? I love my country, and I know its still the best place in the world to live, but I wonder if our children will be able to say that.

Jerry Riggs