Dear Editor,

The acting leadership of the Minnora Community Center (MCC) continues to disregard the by-laws concerning such important issues as elections, termination of membership, and the signing of contracts and legal documents. Meetings have been held to decide on the spending of Community Center funds without notifying all board members. President Wanda Richards has refused to allow board members to see contracts signed without board approval and proper signatures. Why all the secrecy? What are they trying to hide?

We cannot be held accountable for the debts and agreements made without our knowledge. An audit is needed. It is the boards responsibility to pay for it. When Donna Jordon pursued an audit, she was voted out of office as treasurer, and replaced with Wanda's daughter Genie. It's becoming quite a family affair, with Wanda, her partner, Gene Hicks, their daughter, Genie and Gene's cousin Dormal Ewing all on the board.

When a compromise proposal to seek mediation to resolve our differences was suggested, Wanda adjourned the meeting to avoid discussion. All MCC board members were invited to a wonderful retreat which covered such topics as Team Building, Partnerships, Conflict Resolution, and Robert's Rules of Order. This training, along with housing and meals was provided free of charge. Wanda, Vice President, Rose Jarvis, Secretary, Freda Whytsell, along with Gene and Dormal chose not to attend. They have shown no initiative to resolve the conflict. As long as Wanda continues to lead MCC, community support will continue to dwindle. At this point we feel the only option is to ask for the resignation of Wanda Richards as President of the MCC.

The board needs to start working together instead of against each other. We must follow the by-laws and the Robert's Rules of Order instead of Wanda's laws and Wanda's Rules of Order. Minnie Hamilton is offering a board training session for MCC board members on May 29. The training will be conducted by a Charleston firm. It is essential that all board members attend, so that we can get some perspective and impartial input into resolving our differences.

Along with Wanda's resignation, we ask that Attorney Loren Howley cease to represent the MCC. She has never spoken to half of the board members regarding matters now in court, and does not represent our views. Her husband, who was former treasurer and bookkeeper for the MCC, has been implicated by Wanda to be involved in some questions of improper spending of MCC funds.

If there is a continued disregard of the by-laws, we are prepared to take legal action. Board members have pledged hundreds of dollars, and a fundraiser is being planned to add to the fund.

MCC board members Donna Jordon, Larry Cottrell, Phil Stevens, Herchel Yost, and Jaunita Boggs invite you to attend a community meeting, Tuesday, May 22, 6:00 p.m. at the MCC. There will be plenty of room. No one will have to sit on the ground, and caterpillars will not be crawling on everyone. Please attend. This is our Community Center. We want to start feeling like a community center instead of a private club.

Donna Jordon