Merry Christmas To Calhoun Family & Friends


It is that time of year again the holiday Season, the hardest thing about the season is being so far away from loved ones. But this Year I decided to do the old fashioned Christmas like the ones I remember growing up back in the hills of Calhoun county.

It is fun to try and bring back one of those family traditions. I just have been so busy planning and things that I just remembered one important thing I forgot to send out my seasons greetings to family and friends back home so I am hoping this will make it into your column so that they know that I am thinking about them and that I am wishing them the very best this holiday season.

Being in the Norhwest at this time of year is magical the way the Northwesterns celebrate for the holidays is fascinating, they go all out for this time of year.

To my family and friends back home in Calhoun County HAPPY HOLIDAYS I AM THINKING OF YOU AND LOVE YOU ALL,

Billie Jo Greathouse Seattle, Washington