Looking For Lost Friend


Dear Editor,

I am a 1996 graduate of CCHS and have been trying to get in touch with another '96 graduate, Nicole Clover (White.) I know Nikki was living in Warren, OH for a while, but I had heard that she and her family may have moved back to the Calhoun area.

I've lost the address and phone number that I used to have for her and I'm guessing her old email address is no longer active. Would it be possible to post something on the website about this? My name is Crissy Youngblood (Abicht) and I'm currently living in Rittman, OH.

My email address is cyoungblood_hoc@yahoo.com -- please also post this on the website for contact purposes. Please respond to this email address.

Thank you!

Crissy Youngblood