Mountain Party Offers Real Change, Republic In Grave Danger


Dear Editor:

In 2000, I was the first Mountain Party candidate for governor of West Virginia. Thanks to the support of many people, I was able to win enough votes to ensure continued ballot access for the Mountain Party.

The Mountain Party candidate for governor in 2004 is Jesse Johnson. Unlike Manchin and Warner, who are practically clones of one another, Jesse Johnson provides an alternative. He is the only candidate who stands for protecting the environment, diversifying the economy, providing health care, and championing local schools. I hope that people who supported me in 2000 will vote for Jesse Johnson as well.

However, unlike statewide races, the campaign for the presidency reveals a clear choice. Four more years of the current administration will place our republic in grave danger. George W. Bush is destroying our military, our economy, our standing in the world, and our Constitution. I hope that everyone who voted for me in 2000 will turn their backs upon the third party candidacy of Ralph Nader. We must elect John Kerry to the presidency to restore integrity, morality, and democratic values to the White House.

Denise Giardina
306 Park Ave.
Charleston WV 25302