Senator Robert C. Byrd
311 Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Byrd,

Your recent diatribe on the floor of the U.S. Senate addressing the mailings from the Republican National Committee to West Virginians concerning the banning of the Bible must be addressed.

You state, "The First Amendment begins, 'Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...'" Of course that is what it says. That amendment is binding on the congress and not on the people. However, liberal judges, some of whom you voted to confirm, have turned that statement on its head and they have rendered opinions banning the Bible from public school grounds. One judge even went so far as to tell some school children that if they violated his order, they would wish they had never been born. You said that "Our Constitution protects this Bible." Why don't I believe that you mean that?

What about the bill recently introduced by Ted Kennedy and passed in the Senate with the help of your vote that would have regulated "hate speech?" Thank God it was defeated in the House. That bill would have wound up forbidding the reading of Leviticus 18:22 from a pulpit as it would be labeled as "hate speech". If that bill had passed, it would have lead to the virtual banning of reading any part of Scripture that would be critical of someone's lifestyle. And don't say that nothing like that could happen. It has already taken place in Sweden and Canada. God-fearing pastors addressed the proliferation of homosexuality and were hauled into court for "hate speech".

Eighty percent of the voters in Louisiana voted to define marriage as one man and one woman. ONE liberal federal judge ruled that law as unconstitutional. Did the Constitution protect those people from the liberals? Hardly! What ever happened to the concept of "We the People?"

Earl Warren (appointed by President Eisenhower) made the statement, "The Constitution is what we say it is. We are the Supreme Court." The Supreme Court ruled in 1980 to ban the Ten Commandments from public schools. Has the Constitution protected the Bible in that instance? I believe the Ten Commandments are part of the Bible and they have been banned from our schools for 24 years. Yes, the Constitution does protect the Bible, but it is not protected from liberal judges whom you will vote to confirm. Are there other protections in the Constitution? Yes there are.

The Second Amendment protects my right to keep and bear arms, but liberal judges and gun-grabbing senators like you, will do all you can to get around that provision. Is the Bible any more protected?

You stated that "The political hacks behind that blasphemous flier should be required to re-read the Book of Exodus...". I agree that the Book of Exodus should be read. Let's look at Exodus 21:22-23. Doesn't this protect the unborn child? Then there is the Commandment given in Exodus 20:13, "Thou shalt not kill (murder). That is exactly what abortion is, especially partial birth abortion. God will not hold blameless anyone who votes for those who advocate the shedding of innocent blood. Perhaps Senator, you should read some of the other parts of the Bible, and if you believe it (which I doubt), you would think twice before coming out in support of John Kerry who is an outspoken advocate of the homosexual lifestyle. You mentioned a flip-flop. Let's also take a quick look at that.

When Jimmy Carter was in office, you voted to give away the Panama Canal. When asked by Barbara Walters if it didn't concern you that 73% of West Virginians opposed the canal give-away, your reply was, "I couldn't care less how the people in West Virginia feel, I vote the way I want" or words to that effect. Then Clinton defiled the Office of President of the United States, lied under oath, and lied to the American people. After his Senate "trial", you stated that Clinton had done enough to be removed from office, but that the people of West Virginia didn't want him removed, therefore you had voted for acquittal. First you don't care what we think and then you can only vote the way the people tell you to vote. Is that a flip-flop of the first order or what? Could it be that both times, Democratic presidents were involved and all that counts is your absolute loyalty to the Democrat Party?

You said, "The people of this country know about honesty, and they must start demanding it from their leaders." You are absolutely right! Clinton lied through his teeth and the Democrats (including you) and the liberal press protected him. The deliberate lies about suppressing the black vote in Florida in 2000 were sickening. Had there been one whit of truth to that story, Clinton would have flooded the place with troops. I am starting now to demand honesty from our leaders and I'm starting with you. It would be nice to see you vote for what is good for America and not for what benefits the Democrat party. Now, many West Virginians get mass mailings from you endorsing John Kerry with the idea being that he "shares West Virginia values." YOU must believe that we did in fact fall off the turnip truck.

Kerry voted against the law abiding gun owner 51 times in the past 20 years and now tries, with your help, to pass himself off as a friend of the sportsman and the legitimate gun owner. His appearance at a union rally in Racine was the epitome of arrogance and hypocrisy when he held aloft a semi-automatic shotgun. A bill co-sponsored by Kerry would have banned that firearm! That's a true politician, but hardly an honest one.

Senator, I was and still am one of those opposed to the give-away of the Panama Canal. I was not one of those who wanted to keep Clinton in office. I once was a registered Democrat, but the direction of the party over the past 40 years has driven me far in the other direction. It is not the party of Harry Truman or John Kennedy. It is the party of special interests, the Hollywood crowd, homosexuals and of those who hate what this country stands for. There's only one true Democrat left in the U.S. Senate and his name is Zell Miller.

Gerald L. Ball
Rt. 2, Box 55-G
Davisville, WV 26142