An American Wake-Up! Call


Dear Editor,

The 60's were about accepting, even ushering in, the idealistic non-bigoted, animal-friendly, people-caring ways of life and ideas that went along with our planet's needs.

America, once known for its ways of peace. America, once admired throughout the entire world for its level headedness.

In the 60's, as we all remember, religion used to be seen as an interesting goal, an embraceable personal kind of thing.

We even had gurus, mentors, maharishis, priests, pastors, fathers, ministers and nuns, who joined in on the evolution for peace.

Yet, over the last four years, religion has changed.

It's been used to imprison and to kill and to hate, rather than to heal, guide and entertain.

We accuse the Muslim of un-godly imaginations, yet what of the churches in the United States that take part in the devilishly destructive, very dangerous prudish far right and far left interpretations of religious books and thought?

Unfortunately, it always has been a rocky road for everyone in the world including Americans, to attain a true Democracy.

Capitalism, Religion, Greed, Power and Bigotry always seem to get in the way.

Must we be reminded, that freedom can be and is, for most of us, meaningless and even a cruel macabre joke, without love, laughter, and at least a decent prosperity, with a home, a job, one's health, sanity, spirituality and other necessities public, private and personal.


Rev. Eric Ekstrom
14 Harold Street
Harwich Port, MA 02646