Libertarian View Presidential Politics


Dear Editor,

Not to defend "W" from the Reverend, but . . .

He has shown countless times that his command of the Kings' English is pretty poor and his careless comment regarding his wife doing whatever he tells her fits in well with past gaffs he has made.

The Reverend Schmitz will surely not be among the Bush voters this November, but then whom?

We are again presented with the 'lesser of two evils' choice as far as most voters are concerned; on the one hand, a Republican who acts like a socialist in his promotion of programs that further drive the federal government into debt- scratch that, drives US (you, I, and our children) further into debt and obviously believes that God has assigned the USA to be arbiter of all that is good for the world in general, or, we can vote for a real socialist who would destroy arguably the best health care on earth in the interest of supplying crappy health care to all by federalizing this huge portion of our economy.

Neither of these geniuses seem to have a clue about the limitations imposed by an economy with only finite amounts of money to waste; we simply cannot afford to give everyone everything.

Kerry wishes to 'soak the rich' when they are already paying the lion's share of taxes anyhow and over the years 'rich' seems to have been redefined to mean 'anyone not dependent on government largess for survival.'

If you have grown tired of wasting your vote by flipping a coin and getting the same regurgitated garbage over and over again, take a look at a man who remembers (and teaches) the Constitution and firmly believes (as do I) that the country needs to fall back and recall what made this country an example others wish to emulate; one with free markets, innovative industries, and intelligent and educated labor force and private property rights that actually mean something beyond giving you the 'right' to pay taxes on it.

The 'lesser of two evils' or Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President.

Steve Allison
Grantsville, WV

"Freedom is inversely proportional to the size of government."