For The Love Of Animals


Dear Editor,

I do not know why, but I just had to write this.

I have read several things about animals on your web site and it shocks me sometimes the way people treat animals.

I am not a crazy person and have hunted with my father and we have raised animals for food. Treating animals humanly just comes natural to me.

I have stopped and taken turtles off the road, rescured a number of dogs and cats and even stopped traffic at base housing to rescue a cormorant that was later released back into the wild.

My friends gave me the nickname of Dr. Dolittle. I guess what I am getting at is what has happened to peoples humanity. Do they not think animals feel pain. The article about the Donkey was the breaking point for my silence.

The article about the dog shooting is another matter. They should not prosecute the shooter but the owner who was not resposible for their animal. If the dog threatened them as he says, he had the right to protect his family.

I have seen puppies adopted only to end up on a chain a mile from the owners house, dogs abandoned along the road where we live that I have taken to the SPCA at my expense, people running off the road to kill cats, and people beating dogs to make them better at guarding.

I have actually had people say to me, Well, if you take animals to the SPCA they'll kill them. Do you think throwing them out like yesterdays garbage to starve or have to be shot by farmers a better way to go. Grow up people. They feel pain, hunger,love,sadness,loneliness and loss. I have 7 cats and 6 dogs and would feel the loss of any of them with great sadness.

Personally I would like to see stiffer penalties for mistreatment of animals. They can give you so much love if only they have the chance. Get you pets spayed and neutered. Several of the pets I have were abandoned and thrown out.

Take responsibility for the animals you own. Sincerely.
Rena Bowman