Dear Bob,

I couldn't help but notice all the articles that I've seen and read about Meth.

I have never experienced meth myself, but I have a uncle that has.

Although some people look down and label people who has been addicted to meth and has over come the monster on their back(meth).

I for one am very proud of my uncle for beating it. Some people don't understand it just takes a little bit to get addicted and once your there, you're not the same person anymore. Your become the person that meth wants you to be.

Meth will beat you down to where it has you thinking it's all you have left.

It will drop you down to the lowest any person can get. In order to beat it you have to be willing, strong and confident.

It's a lot easier if you have loving and caring support of your family and friends.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help.

The meth will tell you you don't need help.

I honestly don't know why people do it. I think it's stupid and not right.

We are very proud of my uncle for beating meth. It might not seem like much to others, but I think it's a huge accomlishment.

I would like to share a poem about meth that my uncle sent for his family and friends to read and understand.It has helped us as his family to understand the strong power it has. It has helped him, and hopefully it will help others. Thank you,
Name Withheld


You told me you would be there, be my friend.
You said you would stand by me, no matter what, until the end.

Made me believe the lies you tell day in, day out.
Made me believe being with you was my only route.

A few days together my head didn't seem right.
A few more and I began to loose track of day and night.

Now were together, you're all I have left in my life.
The little time we have spent together has cost me my family, children and wife.

You put pictures in my mind, visions that are not there.
To you it's all a game, a game you do not play fair.

I think I got you beat, the last chapter in your book.
But to my surprise it teaches me how to cook.

Now every minute of the day, every thought devoted to you.
Not knowing what to do.

I got one chance left to make things right.
You thought you had me, I wouldn't give in without one last fight.

Because you will take me to jail, eventually cause me death,
By now I should know you by your name, most just call you METH.