AN OPEN LETTER FROM MURDER VICTIM'S MOTHER - Kimberly Burgy Seeks Victims Rights Legislation


Submitted By Kimberly E. Burgy

My son, Patrick Shane Burgy, was murdered in Parkersburg on July 26, 2000, by Kevin Johnson. Johnson did not know my son, and there was not much of an argument involved in the shooting, as many newspapers have reported. Johnson came out of his house and told my son to get home. Patrick, as many of us would have said, told him "he didn't have to." After which, Johnson went inside his door and came out with a gun, and shot Patrick in the face, which killed him. My son was in the middle of a public city street, and had every right to be there!

We still haven't been told where Johnson got the gun.

Johnson has a very long criminal record, stemming from incidents throughout most of his life, including a murder in Hawaii, while he was in the military. (For which he only received a few months probation and later was discharged from the service under less than honorable circumstances.

The man also had many drug and assault charges brought against him, including against his own mother, his sister, and another woman that he attacked while riding on a public bus.

Johnson had many mental hygiene order charges filed against him, including one in 2000, and why he was ever released from the hospital is something that our family is still trying to find out. Exactly one week after Johnson shot Patrick, he was scheduled for a hearing on this issue.

All of this information is on record, and was made public, at the last competency hearing for Johnson.

On Thursday, April 26, 2001, myself and other family members had a meeting with an assistant prosecutor. At this meeting, we were told that, they had received a report back from Sharpe Hospital, and in their opinion, Johnson will probably never be released from Sharpe Hospital, therefore never being able to stand trial.

This comes also on a day that our family attended a public meeting in Parkersburg, regarding "Victims Rights."

Oddly enough it is also the same day that I have started circulating a petition in WV. This petition is asking the government and the lawmakers to enact and enforce a law, making "FELONIOUS AND REPEAT VIOLENT CRIMINALS Register in the city/town and state where they are residing, and making it public knowledge, by publishing their names and addresses in the newspapers and media. Therefore, making citizens alert and aware of these persons, and also letting authorities/police know who and where these persons are at all times, in an attempt to control these crimes.

I feel, that if this law was in effect, my son would still be here today! The people in that neighborhood had no idea about this man's past or his present medical conditions. This was a nice neighborhood where lots of children played and rode their bikes every day, and had they been aware, I feel that they would have stayed clear of this man, and possibly that Patrick would not have even been "in the wrong place" at that time.

In designing this petition, I spoke to many, many people and also government agencies, about this petition. Every person I spoke to was supportive and also very surprised to find out that there is no law, making violent criminals register!

There is Megan's Law, for sexual offenders, but no system for tracking violent persons who have repeatedly, or intentionally harmed or killed another human being!

Please, feel free to contact me at

Thank you very much, for taking the time,
Kimberly E. Burgy

Editors Note: The Johnson family has frequently expressed, they deeply regret this tragedy. "Un-available professional help and de-institutionalization of mental patients has been a factor."